Sunday, April 15, 2007 Freespire

I just installed this linux distribution on my HP 8674D, the computer I received from Delta's Wired Workforce program a few years ago. It's a Pavillion, P3 667 mHz with 384 gigs of RAM and a 60 gig HDD. This distro is the free version of Linspire. For home users I would recommend Linspire since it's so inexpensive and you get better support along the way. One thing I liked about Freespire is that the installation CD (that you make from a downloaded iso of Freespire) is bootable and you can actually run the OS from the CD-ROM drive without ever touching the hard disk. I think there are some great possibilities here for public computers or low-cost computers that have little or no HDD but instead use a high speed internet connection for Web-based applications. Talk about a thin client! Freespire